Wordpress Installer

With the wordpress installer you can install new wordpress blog easily.
This script will save your database settings to the file wp-config.php, so you do not have to edit it. It will automatically check whether the supplied mysql user name, password, host, and database name are correct by trying to connect to the mysql server.


  •     Set the mysql database
  •     Set the mysql user
  •     Set the mysql user password
  •     Set the mysql host
  •     Set the mysql port
  •     Set the table prefix
  •     Set the database charset and collation
  •     Set language
  •     By default the secret keys are automatically generated, but you can override this and add your own keys

Wordpress installer is licensed under GPL license - http://phpweby.com/license

You will need to create mysql database and add user to that database. And PHP will need to have read and write permissions to the folder where install.php is (the root directory where wordpress files are).
Download the latest version of Wordpress, extract the contents to an empty folder. Download the wordpress installer (beta version) and extract install.php in the same folder where wordpress files are extracted.
Upload all your files to your web host. Start the installation by running
http://www.example.com/install.php from your favorite web browser.

Follow instructions and setup your wordpress blog under a minute.