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A webhost is like a silent partner or reliable friend for your website, and sometimes the success or failure of your website depends on the efficiency of your webhost. It is for this reason that it is important to host your website on a reliable web host in order to minimize the number of disappointments that you or your visitors may get from your website. There are various things that determine the reliability, and the service that lacks those few features can be deemed as unreliable, while the service that has them can be credited as being reliable.

Bluehost Review:

a. Uptime percentage:
It is impossible for a server to boast of one hundred per cent uptime percentage as this has never and can never occur. However, one can choose a company that has an uptime percentage of as many nines as possible. This is so as to ensure that your website is out of view for as few minutes as possible. Bluehost has > 99.9% uptime.

b. Technical support:
Problems are inevitable, especially in the technological universe and in web hosting as well. However, one can be assured that in case of any problems there is a competent technical staff that is available at all time of day or night to deal with the problem at hand. Such a staff must be reliable and available 24/7/365.

c. Several databases and e-mail addresses:
A webhost should be able to provide a website with a service that allows them to have several databases as well as e-mail addresses. This is the only way that the website can be able to cater for all the needs of the company.

d. Customer support:
Apart from technical problems, there are other issues that a website owner would like dealt with, for example, issues to do with payment of a certain plan, or even questions on how to upgrade from one service to another. In such instances, you need a customer care support team that is made of experts in fields such as sales and marketing and that can be able to correctly answer any query that you may have. Such a customer team should be available whenever you want, and they should answer any problem you have or fix any issue in due time. It is only when the customer support team can provide such services promptly that a company can be said to be reliable.

e. Scalability:
Scalability refers to the ability of a website to grow as well as take up more resources, space and require more bandwidth. A reliable company is one that offers you the option of upgrading your hosting plan whenever you feel the need to do so. It should also be able to make the transition from one plan to another smooth and simple.

f. Support for various applications:
The server that you use should be able to support various applications that will help your website to run more smoothly. If you are running a commercial website, then you may need applications that support e-commerce such as a shopping cart. On the other hand, if you are running a blog, then you may need an application that supports WordPress. You may also need to install several scripts on your website in order to have features such as discussion boards or polls and for this you may need one-click installation included.

Bluehost satisfies all these features and more.  We tested the speed and the uptime and we are oversatsfied with both the speed, uptime, features  and support.

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