Your first PHP page

Creating your First PHP page (Hello World PHP).

You've made the right decision for your future web programming language. PHP is very widely used web programming language (though it can be used for desktop programming), and platform-independent.
This article is for beginners who want to learn PHP.

What will you need first?

You will need web server with PHP installed. For installing on your home computer read the following article:
Installing PHP, Apache httpd, MySQL on Linux(Fedora, Ubuntu)

A thing to know is that PHP pages are just like any HTML pages.
Open your favorite text editor (Notepad, Kwrite, Kate) and put the following contents:
<?php echo 'Hello, World!'; ?>

Save it as hello.php and copy it to directory root of you web server or upload it to your host.
Run http://localhost/hello.php or (replace with your website url), and you will be greeted with "Hello, World!".

If you want complete information about PHP on your server put this in hello.php:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

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