Wordpress hosting

Wordpress is very popular blogging platform and content management system that has really evolved over the years. Lots of people have chosen it for building and managing their website with ease.

Keep in mind that there is classical distinction between wordpress.com, and the CMS found at wordpress.org. Wordpress.com is a free blogging service (like blogspot.com) based on the script that is brought by the creators of Wordpress.org, while the script is actual PHP software that requires installation at a capable host.

Wordpress.com is different, for example if you sign up with them, you must not download software, manage a web server, or pay for hosting. You will get a URL when you sign up with them that will be your personal address on the web. The service is at no charge and provides database storage with backups and redundancy, multi-lingual themes and administration, community support forums, comment tracking, real-time traffic stats, post and blog rankings, automatic software upgrades, and lots of other uncommon features.

On the other hand, the CMS (content management system) is very similar to other great platforms such as Joomla and Drupal. It is very easy to install and most of the hosts offer an 1-click installation option and automatic updates.You can use the software to create your own blog or site, run advertisements, install plugins and themes, modify the PHP source code, and edit the database.

There are many features and benefits that the software offers. You can edit it for more advanced customizations. It is search engine-friendly, with integrated link management, clean permalink structure, option to have multiple and nested articles, and support for tagging of articles and posts

In addtion, on the site beside downloads you can find the following: community mailing lists, documentation, support forums, free plugins and themes.There are a wide range of free themes which can be used to start a website in few minutes.

Wordpress focuses on aesthetics, usability and standards. It involves integrated upgrade mechanism, configurations, uploading of media: images, videos. It will enhance your content by adding links to social sharing and bookmarking.

Those that have benefited from it know the value. In a simple language, the software will help you to create a beautiful and a powerful blog.

Any person can easily download the software from wordpress.org without any extra charge.

If you do not want to use wordpress.com and want to install the software on your own hosting server then you need to choose a webhost that supports the script. Almost all hosts support it because it is built on PHP and MariaDB, the most popular web programming language and database server, respectively.