HOW-TO: Installing the directory script

1. Download the directory script, extract all files and folders in an empty folder, and upload them to your host.

2. (Only UNIX and Linux based systems) After uploading the files, change the permissions for the following files and folders:

to read and write permissions with your control panel (if the control panel support it). Please create those directories if they do not exist and set write permissions.

3. Start the installer by accessing your site and if doesn't redirect you to install.php, try typing the url correctly. For example: or if you want to install php weby in subdirectory then run

4. Follow the self-explained setup. For help, comments, feedback, discussion ... please join our Webmaster Forums -

5. (Only UNIX and Linux based systems) Change back permissions chmod to be only readable by the webserver(chmod 555 or 550 might do the job) on the file:

6. The installer will automatically try to delete install.php and if it does not, delete install.php.

If you have problems with installation you may have to uncomment RewriteBase in .htaccess file by removing # from the RewriteBase line.

If you need help visit our support forum.

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