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Php Weby directory script is a powerful and easy-to-use FREE link management script with numerous options for running a directory, catalog of sites or a simple link exchange system. Create a general directory and have users submit their favorite sites and charge if you want for the review. Or create regional directory for your town or state and sell advertising, or niche directory about a topic you love or know.

Features include an integrated payment system with PayPal, link validation, SEO urls, unlimited categories and subcategories, reciprocal linking, link editor, template driven system and many more. Check them all here.

Php weby free link directory script is licensed under GNU GPL license.
Link to can NOT be removed. Contact us at the forums for more information. .

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If you are having problems with SEO urls try editing .htacess file AFTER you have enabled the SEO urls and uncomment
#RewriteBase /
So it would be
RewriteBase /
and save the file.

If your are having problems with the details page (read more) add
Options -Multiviews
Options +FollowSymLinks
in .htaccess file.

List of Templates

Category & Link statistics mod
Automatic approval mod
Add rel="nofollow" to free links only mod
Visit Mods Forum for more mods.

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