Latest Promo codes for HostGator

Updated: April, 2014

Host your website for just 1 cent with the coupon MONTHFREENOW . Or you can save 25% on all web hosting plans the company is offering with HG25OFFCOUPON . Refer to the guide below to get the best discount. This page is regularly updated with the latest hostgator coupon codes.

MONTHFREENOW - This coupon will allow you to host your website for $0.01 for the first month on baby and hatchling shared hosting plans. Will save you $9.95 on any other hosting plan if used.

HG25OFFCOUPON - This coupon gives you 25% OFF the total amount. You can save up to $117 on shared hosting. Or you can save up to $599.70 on reseller hosting. VPS and Dedicated will get 25% OFF.

WEBHOSTINGFREE - $0.01 for the first month

25GATORSAVINGS - 25% OFF, save up to $599.70

Guide for maximum savings:

Hatchling Plan - Monthly:

$8.95 monthly is the regular payment, but with MONTHFREENOW is $0.01, savings of $8.94!

Hatchling Plan Annually:

The following coupons will give you 25% OFF: HG25OFFCOUPON , 25GATORSAVINGS ,

12 months regular payment is: $83.40, but with HG25OFFCOUPON you pay $62.55, saving $20.85!

24 months is: $142.80, but with 25GATORSAVINGS you pay $107.10, saving $35.70!

36 months is: $178.20, but with 25GATORSAVINGS you pay $133.65, savings of $44.55!

Baby Plan - Monthly:

$0.01 your first month: MONTHFREENOW , WEBHOSTINGFREE
The price is $9.95 monthly, but with MONTHFREENOW is $0.01 (almost free!), savings of $9.94!

Baby plan:

12 months price is: $119.40, but with HG25OFFCOUPON you pay only $89.55, savings of $29.85!

24 months is: $214.80, but with coupon 25GATORSAVINGS payment is only $161.10, which saves you $53.70!

36 months: $286.20, but with 25GATORSAVINGS you pay $214.65, savings of $71.55!

Business Plan - Monthly:

First Month for $5 only with the following codes: MONTHFREENOW , WEBHOSTINGFREE ,
Current payment is $14.95 monthly, but with MONTHFREENOW is $5, saving you $9.95!

Business Plan annually:

Payment for 12 months is: $179.40, but with HG25OFFCOUPON you pay $134.55, savings of $44.85!

For 24 months is: $334.80, but with 25GATORSAVINGS you pay $251.10, savings of $83.70!

For 36 months is: $466.20, but with 25GATORSAVINGS you will only pay $349.65, which saves you $116.55!

HG25OFFCOUPON will give you 25% discount on reseller hosting plans:

Aluminum - 12 months you get $74.85 OFF, and for 24 months you will save $149.70 OFF!

Copper, will get you $104.85 OFF on 12 months payment, and for 24 months you get $209.70 OFF!

Silver, on 12 months regular payment you will save $149.85, and for 24 months you save $299.70!

Gold, for 12 months order you get $224.85 OFF, but for 24 months you get $449.70 OFF!

Diamond, on 12 months payment you get $299.85 OFF, for 24 months you get the maximum discount of $599.70!

Payments for VPS hosting plans are only available monthly. Get 25% OFF of your order with 25GATORSAVINGS .

Payments for Dedicated server plans are only available monthly. Get 25% OFF of your order with coupon 25GATORSAVINGS .

The 45 day money back guarantee is still available even if you use any of the coupons, including the 1 cent promo. That's right! You can request refund anytime within those first 45 days. You can cancel at anytime during your subscription.

Baby plan is our recommended hosting plan and with "monthfreenow" code you can get the first month for $0.01. The services Hostgator offers are shared, reseller, vps (virtual private server) and dedicated server web hosting.

A webhost is like a silent partner or reliable friend for your website, and sometimes the success or failure of your website depends on the efficiency of your webhost. It is for this reason that it is important to host your website on a reliable web host in order to minimize the number of disappointments that you or your visitors may get from your website.

There are various things that determine the reliability of a webhost, and the service that lacks those few features can be deemed as unreliable, while the service that has them can be credited as being reliable.

The business benefits depend heavily on the nature of the trade, commerce and also to the extent of choosing to adopt a technology. Internet is a very well established channel in order to promote trade to the potential customers anytime and anywhere. For this reason, online website benefits can serve as a potential tool for a business. The clients just need the web address from your business card, advertisement, email or search engines. Online website offers a cost effective way to keep in touch with the consumers.

At the same time, it also helps to keep clients informed about development of the business. Besides this, opening a website with web hosting company enables an individual to fulfill many more goals. It offers a far cheaper and flexible advertising facility than printing advertisement and the advertisement is also accessible to a large number of people for a longer period. It is also possible to change advertisement content whenever you want. Network facility has broken cultural and geographical barrier and made trading accessible from one country to another country.

A web is not only a good medium for representing your institution but also it is a excellent source of information for people. It is also a convenient way to search a product online than taking a car and drive somewhere for seeking information about a product. Potential client can just take a look on internet whenever they feel free and comfort without any kind of stress of the practical world. Internet is a excellent medium for self service instead of waiting in a cue for paying your bills and fees. Now, it can be done very easily through hosting means using internet. It can also add value by offering advice, featuring tips etc. This will help to remember you and your institution better. It can also help you by telling your clients about you and the reason why you deserve confidence and trust of your clients.

The fact is that people like to conduct pre-purchase research in order to take decision which particular host or supplier will be worthy for their patronage. The Internet also offers you a means of viral marketing approach where visitor of your web spread a positive notion about your industry. A web can be a great place to refer to your potential visitors by showing them about achievements of your company in past and what it can achieve in future. Your website may be a quick and easy means of giving feedback and you know that feedback can play a very dominant role in creating a good image of your industry. Thus, it may be a very good inducer for extending your company. More importantly, you can conduct online surveys and use your web statistics to reach a conclusion about what your customer prefer, what they feel about various aspects of your company. After analyzing all these facts, you can easily influence purchase decisions of your clients.

Support for various applications:
The server that you use should be able to support various applications that will help your website to run more smoothly. If you are running a commercial website, then you may need applications that support e-commerce such as a shopping cart. On the other hand, if you are running a blog, then you may need an application that supports WordPress. You may also need to have several scripts on your website in order to have features such as discussion boards or polls and for this you may need Fantastico Deluxe. A reliable webhost is one whose servers can support the installation of all these applications in order to make it possible for your website to have all these features.

There are very many reliable webhosting companies out there, and some of them can even offer you all these services at a discounted fee using coupons that can be redeemed. There are very many webhosting companies out there, and many of them claim to be reliable as well as promise to provide a website with all the above services. However, the best way to know whether a website is credible or not is to visit forums as well as read customer reviews on different websites about a particular service. The customers usually share their own personal experiences with a company, and they will tell you if it is good or bad. They can also share the experience they had with a companys customer care support team as well as its technical support team and they will tell you whether it was prompt or not.

There are also a lot of reviews on the internet, and this websites can be able to break it down for you and place websites in categories so that you can decide which criteria best defines reliability for you. An example of a very reliable webhost is Hostgator.

Apart from all this you also enjoy the best in class premium support via Phone, Live chat and email. You also get five hundred free video tutorials and help articles. All servers are connected with a high speed internet connection with network redundancy of hundred percent. Also, the entire data center has state of the art power generation and backup facility to prevent downtime. All this have a lowest market price with the best Host Gator discount code.

The cPanel control panel features free password protection, free redirect protection, website statistics with logs, file manager, direct implementation of shopping carts, blogs, forums etc. Also, the programming and database features include unlimited use of Microsoft SQL, PHP, ASP, ASP .NET, AJAX, Perl, Python, Curl, SSI, FrontPage, LINQ, and MVC 3.0 etc. They also support webmail via POP3, SMTP and IMAP and include inbuilt spam filters, auto responders, mailing list features and much more.